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With extensive professional training/experience with many skincare lines (Eminence Organics, Dr. Hauschka, Panacea Herbs, Sea-flora, Daniel Thompson Beauty) Emmanuel has gained confidence & power to create custom blends of toners, serums and body oils.

Organic *Local* ingredients are very important for Emmanuel and he believes each ingredient in a product should be beneficial for skin health & appearance. That being said, Emm creates seasonal serums and a variety of products custom for his regular clients. Below you will find some Ingredients knowledge & recipes:

base oil of avocado* – source of Oleic Acid (fatty acid, great for moisture & antioxiant) –  source of vitamin E (beneficial for skin & nail health) – anti inflammatory for redness or irritations of the skin

base oil of fractionated coconut oil* – great source of fatty acids from coconut tryclycerides – anti bacterial properties to treat mild acne breakouts – great for oil cleansing – rich in lauric acid (identical compound found in human breast milk) and vitamin E

geranium essential oil* – to induce radiant skin, treat acne, anti inflammatory, help with hormone balancing, promote emotional wellbeing – powerful antioxidant for the ageing skin

tea tree oil* – anti fungal for congestion – treats acne, skin bacterial infections – gentler than benzoyl peroxide to remove infection – used for many years to repel fungus, bacterial growth – used in pedicures, and serums to treat congestion

vanilla essential oil* – powerful antioxidant for mature skin – aphrodisiac, anti carcinogenic , antidepressant and relaxing agent for the skin

honey* – natural antibacterial, antioxidant rich for the ageing skin – powerful humectant to bond moisture particles to get maximum product absorption – used for many years to clear up cuts & lesions to remove bacteria – anti inflammatory

pink grapefruit essential oil* – source of lycopene, vitamin C, citric acid, potassium and fiber – used for skin clarity for mild congestion – exfoliating properties, removing dead skin cells & enriching to new cell growth

Organic fucus seaweed* hand picked & dried from Central Coast B.C, used in mask treatment – nutrient rich nature’s aid – amino acid rich, iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, small amounts of vitamin A,C,E & G – seaweed has been used for years as the sailor’s cure to treat any skin ailments – anti inflammatory

organic lavender* – antiseptic/anti fungal properties – use of dry leaves in mask treatments – relaxation aromatherapy – anti inflammatory and circulatory stimulant for enhanced skin glow & health

clay* – great way to extract impurities, toxins, skin bacteria – skin neutralizer to regulate skin PH levels & help with redness/irritation

witch hazel* -skin astringent, used in replacement of alcohol -tones the skin and regulates ph levels – natural antiseptic

Summer Clearing Toner: witch hazel, tea tree, herbal tea water base

Summer Hydration Serum: coconut oil base, tea tree oil, pink grapefruit oil, ylang ylang

Winter Hydration Serum: avocado base oil, emulsified honey, vanilla, geranium, lavender

Rich Body Oil: avocado oil, pink grapefruit & vanilla oils


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